What Is Mobile Tax Services

A mobile tax service is a client customized personal approach to income tax preparation. I meet with you at your location of convenience. Appointments are scheduled to accommodate your needs. If needed, I will meet you at a local 24 hour diner at 3 a.m. to help you with your taxes. If you live outside the area, or it is more convenient to not meet in person, tax preparation can be completed by phone, fax, or email.

Here is how it works after we set an appointment:

  • I sit down with you, interview you, and prepare your tax returns (usually takes 30-45 minutes -less time for simple returns and a little more time for first time clients with complex returns. If you like I can give you a Client Tax Organizer. You fill it out, mail it back with your paperwork and I can complete 90% if not all of the return before we meet (Cuts interview time down considerably) or we can coordinate information by phone, fax, or email).
  • I will complete your return at your location and file it right there (takes 1-2 hours) or return to my home office for final processing and transmission to the IRS and Oklahoma Tax Board.
  • After your return(s) is accepted (usually within 3-24 hours), I provide you with a copy of your files electronically by email by PDF attachment or printed paper by US mail for free. I can provide a copy on disc or flash drive for an additional small fee.
  • I accept payment of services by cash or credit/debit card, and you can even pay through your tax refund for an extra charge. All fees are due upon filing of taxes.

Advantages of meeting with you at your personal residence:

  • Your tax return is completed in the comfort of your home
  • You don’t have to worry about forgetting documentation at home for your tax appointment – you are already there
  • No child care
  • Save your gas
  • You do it in YOUR time frame

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