Preparing for Your Tax Appointment

To make your tax preparation experience as quick and easy as possible, it is important to have all the information necessary to complete your taxes at the time of your first appointment. Most of the required documents will arrive in your mail between January and February. You may wish to store them in a single container or file for easy retrieval at the time of your appointment.

Documents Required For Your Appointment

Please have ready the following appropriate documents for your tax preparation appointment:


  • Last year's federal and state tax returns (for new clients)
  • Income/wage statements:
    • W-2s
    • 1099s
    • Alimony received statement
    • Commissions received statement
    • Brokerage account year-end statements
    • ESPP statements
    • Stock options sale papers
    • Rental property income and expenses
    • Partnership, S Corp, trusts, or estate yearly statements
    • Pension or retirement income statements
    • Social security income yearly statement
    • Unemployment income yearly statement
    • Lottery winnings (and lottery losses, if you have winnings)
  • Car, motorhome, and boat registration paperwork
  • Donation receipts
  • IRA contributions
  • Child care expenses and provider information (Social Security or EIN number)
  • Medical expenses and mileage (this includes prescriptions)
  • State taxes paid
  • Unreimbursed employment-related expenses
  • Job-related education expenses
  • casualty or theft losses
  • Foreign taxes paid
  • Gifts (This is important for all parties involved - Information will be needed)

For the Affordable Care Act Requirements:

1095-A: If you are using the ACA Marketplace plans you MUST have a 1095-A form BEFORE filing. These will arrive by mail before Jan. 31 of each year.
1095-B & 1095-C are forms that you may need to provide as well.


  • Mortgage interest year-end statement
  • Home equity year-end statement
  • Property tax information
  • If you sold your home:
    • Purchase Information
    • Home Improvement Information


  • Income and expense reports
  • Mileage logs for autos
  • Receipts for business assets purchased


  • Tuition and education fees
  • Student loan information
  • Grants and scholarship information

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